Designer & UX Architect


What I do

With a foundation in visual communication and design theory, I work at Microsoft in Windows as a Senior UX Designer, leading design strategy for Commercial, ITPro and Security products.  A short list of products I have shipped or worked on include Windows Server, Azure, StorSimple, InTune, and Remote Desktop.

My wheelhouse is in product and brand strategy, creating platform design guidelines, standardizing engineering best practices and managing multi-disciplinary UX teams.

Outside of Microsoft I have a small homestead in Fall City, WA and fun side projects like PotionKit.




The best experiences are intelligent, performant systems that users may never see. I employ a reductionist approach to visuals and interactions to not interfere with the task at hand.


Good design requires insight into a user's motivations and behaviors. Not just the "what" people do - but the "why".  My teams leverage research in every stage of design, from competitive score-carding to usability and telemetry analysis.

product first

User experience is the new differentiator for enterprise products. Whether the goal is to support end-users to be more productive or to help a company's IT department deploy services that they trust, the experience is the foundation of an enterprise product's brand. I believe that the micro-decisions made along the way always need to trace back to the original promise of a product.

embrace process

Question: How can you move fast and not break things?
Answer: Products that businesses already depend on are not start-ups. Leading large, cross-product, multi-disciplinary teams requires defined, but flexible, systems for design best-practices, patterns and methods. Establishing norms and publishing guidelines rallies a team and accelerates their ability to ship fast and not break things.


reach out

If you'd like to learn more and view my portfolio please send me a note.  Thanks for your understanding.